Freckles and Floof with Ginger Jasper

If we were to post this photo without any hints and ask you to guess who our guest is for today, many of you wouldn’t have to think twice. The freckled nose is a neon light declaring it belongs to none other than the cuddly English ball of floof,  Ginger Jasper.  So without further introduction, we’ll get right to his interview.


Funny Farmer Felines: Tell us a little about yourself and your family, Ginger Jasper. We know you once had an older sister named Dolly. How did you come to live with your Mum and Dad and do you have a daily routine for keeping them well-trained?

Ginger Jasper: I did have an older sister who was called Dollycat. Mum was living in accommodation that went with her job and animals were not allowed. Dollycat was a show cat that was deemed past her sell-by date and was going to be put to sleep. Mum figured that as she had been an indoor cat maybe it would be okay to keep a secret and rescued Dolly who was in a sad state with her coat and so nervous and shy. Mum made her into a different cat, one full of love. I am telling you this with a lead up to me.

One of mum’s very good friends knew how much mum loved cats and especially gingers. He asked mum to go with him to look at some kittens and help choose one for another friend. Mum saw me and melted but said for the other friend she would probably pick a cream coloured one. Several weeks later, on mum’s birthday, I arrived in a carry box with a ribbon around it. Mum was both thrilled and worried, as it was one thing to keep an elderly cat hidden, but a boisterous kitten was something else.

I did, believe it or not, become the best kept secret and was very happy there. At first Dollycat hated me and hissed and spat at me something awful. I could so not understand this because she looked just like my mum. I kept on bugging her and bugging her and we became very close.

Now to how I came to live here with mum and dad. Mum met Dad and from the first said, “We are a package.” Mum used to stay for the weekend and Dollycat and I would come too. Dad was amazed that we were so clean and from the off used our litter trays in a strange place. ( This was the first break through. ) We commuted for quite some time before Dollycat, sadly, went to the bridge. When Mum moved in permanently, I did too – with restrictions.

FFF: Your Mum and Dad married in 2004. Since you live in England, we’re kind of curious as to how your they came to get married in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (At least that’s the only Las Vegas we’re aware of.) Were you the best man?

GJ: Mum and dad had always wanted to see Las Vegas and decided that they would join getting married and seeing Vegas. They chose a small chapel and a simple ceremony and just the two of them went. Mum and dad said it was a magical trip. I wish I could have been there.

FFF: Your Mum and Dad won’t be going on holiday this year because you have a health problem and need daily medication. They said, “There will be other holidays, but there’s only one GJ.” Your Dad was not a cat guy but he now considers you his mate. Do you have any tips on how to turn a non-cat person into a marshmallow in your presence?

GJ: Yes, that’s correct. They have put their trip on hold this year because they don’t want to risk leaving me with the medication issue and the stress too.

When mum met dad, he was so not a cat person and said he would never have gotten one. Mum had two. Dad loved mum so we came too, but he said we could not do this and we could not do that. When I used to jump up he would say, “Get him down.” I started to jump up on his knee at every opportunity and would purr like crazy. Dad would put me down and I would jump back up. Without realizing it, dad would be stroking me and enjoying my company. Quite quickly I won him round but then dad got very ill and had a very narrow escape. I became his shadow. I stayed close to him and followed him everywhere. Dad and I became inseparable. Dad then retired and we spend all our time together now. Dad openly says that he never thought he would feel like he does over a cat. When I was so very ill and the vet said he didn’t’ think I would make it, dad openly wept and asked, “What will we do without him?” I think you can safely say I have won dad over 100%. Perseverance pays off; plus I am quite a character and have so many endearing ways. Dad often says I am more like a dog because I do whatever he says. Sheesh! I am not sure I want to be referred to as like a dog. MOL.

FFF: Do you have any special hobbies besides killing spiders?

GJ: I love to climb on my garage roof and stalk the feathers and I love to sit on my window and meet and greet my regular fans that pass by. Of course my favourite toy is my turbo track and I play every day and love for dad to join in a game of knockabout.

FFF: You participate in special blogging events – Talk Like A Pirate Day, LiveStrong, Blogblast for Peace, etc.. Have you had any adventures with other cat bloggers? We know you’ve met a few cat bloggers in person. Well, your folks have. You’ve met them as a “flatcat.” Weren’t you part of the Cat from Hell’s (Nellie) blogging mystery story recently?

GJ: I love to join in with as many events as I can across the blog and there have been quite a few. I played in “When the Paw Turns” with several of my friends, including my girlfriend Sweet Praline (who has since gone to the Bridge). I played the mayor. That was great fun and it lasted a week. Yes, I did take part in the Cat from Hell’s mystery recently and was awarded special agent status. I was part of the UK branch. I am regularly featured in Wendy’s lol blog and love to see what she does with my pictures. I know my facial expressions cause laughter.

“Flat Me” has been to lots of places around the world and met many interesting people. They all want to take a photo with me. Mum actually did a photo album with all my trips. Quite a few people that mum and dad met through “Flat Me” have now become friends that keep in touch so I guess you could say I am a kind of an ambassador for travel.

Mum, Dad and “Flat Me” have met with several of my blog friends, both here in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Mum started helping me to blog when things were at a low ebb and she thought maybe it would help. Little did we know that over the years it would become a very important part of our lives. We have laughed and cried with our blogging friends. Yes, little old GJ loves his blog and all his many friends.

FFF: You’ve been blogging since September, 2008. What do you like most about blogging? What do you dislike about it?

GJ: Further up I touched on why I started blogging; it was when mum was quite low and grandma was very ill. My cousin Ben’s mum ( Ben the rotti ) had a blog and said to mum to try doing a blog as light relief. I started blogging as dogs with blogs and that’s why I have many woofie friends. Only later did a blog friend tell me of the Cat Blogosphere  and now I have the best of both worlds, kitty and woofie friends.

What I like most are all the wonderful friends and their beans that I have met, all the love that flows, and the way we all pull together to help friends in need. We cry and we laugh together. I love my blog.

What don’t I like? I think the only thing I don’t like, and we all will say this, is that I lose friends to the rainbow bridge. I know this is a part of life but I get upset and feel so sad when friends are hurting.

FFF: Do you have any words of advice for new blogging kitties?

GJ: My advice would be to just be yourself. Join in whenever possible and you will soon see what a fabulous group you have joined and become friends with. Above all, enjoy blogging and let it be fun. Mum sometimes stresses when she can’t manage to post or visit. Don’t do that because everyone understands. Just ENJOY!

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about me
Hugs GJ xx


Well, GJ, we certainly enjoyed our interview and we’re sure readers will not only delight in reading your story but will learn some new background information. If you aren’t already reading Ginger Jasper’s blog, be sure to stop by and tell them the Funny Farm Felines sent you.

25 thoughts on “Freckles and Floof with Ginger Jasper

  1. I SO want to see a post with GJ and Khousin Ben –

    That would be SO much fun!

    Great interWOO –

    PeeEssWoo: Will woo feature recipes using – ummm – chikhken 😉 ?

  2. We are so far behind, we are finally reading this! We are really surprised to find out your dad was so not a cat person cause we know how much he loves you. That must really warm your mom’s heart! Great interview!

  3. Dear Jan and the Funny Farmers!
    Wow! what a great interview and thanks for mentioning Kozmo’s International Mancat of Mystery Adventure! GJ is one of my blogging heroes (as are you guys) and me was so very happy to reads more about GJ and his pawrents! What a PAWSOME interview!

  4. We enjoyed this interview with the handsome Jasper! We aren’t surprised that his dad fell in love with him because we all love GJ very much!

  5. Ms. Jan and GJ this was the most fun I’ve had all day!! WOW GJ you are such a good ambassador for the feline world. Little did your Dad know the one thing that intrigues a cat is someone who doesn’t like them!! MOL Boy did you fool him. My very first blogging friends were also all wolfies. I stalked them for several months before being convinced to dive into the blogging pool!!
    Hugs, purrs and keep up the good work
    Madi your BFFF across the pond

  6. Another pawsome interview: JFF ~ you ought to win a purritzer prize for this series! Great!
    And to the one with the “love freckles”: you’re a “best boy” with fab folks and we
    luv you all!

  7. What a great interview GJ – we enjoyed reading all the little bits we didn’t know about you. Your Mum and Dad are so very lucky to have you take care of them and we know you make them very happy. The Funny Farmers and Jan have done a great interview with you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Oh what a great wonderful interview!! Thank you Jan’s Funny Farmers for talking with gorgeous Ginger Jasper! Me and Charlie love him and his Beans even more! They are truly a fabulous family! We love how amazing GJ persevered with Dad and now they are bestest pals! Awwwww! And we totally adore Dollycat – we can truly imagine her looking like GJ’s mum – and are so happy she found a loving home with Mum. What a great story as we are so sad that Dollycat was once earmarked to be put to sleep only because she was no longer “useful” to whomever had her previously. That’s just awful!! So yay for Mum for rescuing her!! And yay for Mum “coming as a package” too! LOL!! Dad didn’t stand a chance! LOL!

    Take care

    1. GJ, it’s the ones being interviewed that make the articles interesting and fun. You, Parker and Gracie have all been a joy to work with. We’re looking forward to learning more about other blogging cats in this column.

  9. Pawsome interview! Flat Tamir met Flat GJ when his Mom and Dad were here! They were such nice people and we know they really love GJ.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

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