The Free App You Must Get NOW!

OK, so the name–Finding Rover–is unfortunate. But it covers cats, too, and it’s free, so if you have a smart phone and a cat you need to download it right NOW!

What is Finding Rover?

It’s a pet facial recognition app that uses biometric technology to identify pets. Backed by the Petco Foundation, it is used by vets, shelters, rescues and individuals to ID lost pets and reunite them with their families.

As a pet owner, you register your pet and take a clear photo. They create a biometric signature and store the info in their database. If your pet is lost, you report it on the app. If someone has reported your pet as found on Finding Rover you will see the report in the search results and be able to connect with the finder directly. The service alerts your local pet groups, members and social media outlets to spread the word.

If you find a lost pet, you simply take a photo and submit it to see if you get a match.

Many shelter and animal service agencies are currently partnered with Finding Rover so you may see the animals in their care in the search results; however, not all shelters and animals services are partnered yet so you will want to make sure you contact your local facilities directly.

Are your local shelters and rescues partnered with Finding Rover yet?  Their goal is to get all shelters and rescues on board with Finding Rover to help in the rescue, reunion and adoption efforts across the country!

You can help by reaching out to your local shelters/rescues and letting them know how they can partner with Finding Rover for FREE!  They can simply complete the form located at or send an email to

While you’re at it, join It’s sort of a community bulletin board micro-targeted to your neighborhood. It’s a great resource to report lost and found pets. Sometimes, within hours of posting, the pet is found via networking.



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