Friday’s Feline Fashion Finds

Kitty Cat Print Tank with Fashion forward feel

Hey everybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Kittehs, if yer wundering whut to git yer food lady for Valentine’s Day, I rekummend this snappy little tank with a suttle cat print. You can dress it up with a brite red skarf and a teeny pencil skirt, or let it hang out with a pair of skinny jeans and a boyfrend blazer (assooming yer food lady has a boyfrend, wich, with a lot of cat ladies is a bit of a leep.)

This Feline Fine top won’t cut into yer treet budjet too deeply; it’s less than $30. (And hey, it’s never too erly to start planning what to ware to BlogPaws!)

I garantee you, this kitty tank will cat-apult you to the status as THE BEST CAT IN THE HOUSE. Yer lady will adore it!

But don’t stop thare!

That top is skreeeeming for a pair of kitty shoes, and I rekummend these kitty wedges that come with thare own WISKERS!!!!

cat shoes like Catsparella's Stephanie Harwin would wear
These playful wedges have fun feline details like whiskers and sequins and bling. And they’re way cheeper than Jimmy Choos.

But I think the outfit still needs a little more bling. My choice is this sparklitty ring with a hot hot kitten inside with lots of pink glitter:

glamour cat ring

Pink glitter is classy. You’ll look just like Grace Kelly waring a classy ring like this. It doesn’t cost a squillion dollars, either. You would not beleeeeeve how! It might tern yer ladie’s fingers green, but I think the fashion risk is werth it. This is just the kind of jewelry that Linzy Lohan would shoplift if she had the chance.

Where to Buy this Friday’s Feline Fashion Finds

Buy the here.

Buy the chat online dating site.

Buy the Pink Glitter Glamour Kitty ring here before LiLo lifts it!

As always, I recommend checking out ModCloth for sum of the bestest feline fashion finds in the yooniverse!

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  1. That’s an awful lot of kittehs. It’s making me kinda twitchy. They don’t chomp on dawg ears, do they? DO THEY?

    Your pal,

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