Frisky Fun and Bombshells at The Friskies

the friskies cat video awards show

Flat Skeezix and I had a catabulous time at The Friskies awards show this afternoon held in Hollywood. The highlights included meeting Crazy Debbie the eHarmony girl, Henri the Ennui Cat‘s videographer, the inventor of Nyan Cat and John Fulton (host of Must Love Cats). We also got to see our good friend Janiss who is Sparkle the Designer Cat’s mom.

Here’s a scoop you won’t get anywhere else. Debbie (whose real name is Cara Hartmann), is not a cat person. She says she’s more of a dog person. She made the video on a lark to make her sister laugh and did nothing to promote it. Two days later it went viral (currently it’s over the 23 million views mark). ย She’s not on eHarmony. She has since moved to Hollywood, hoping to make it as an actress or a writer. Debbie and I compared cat manicures just like real girlfriends.

Another scoop: Will Braden, the genius behind Henri the Ennui cat, does not even own a cat. He does have a cat tatt of the iconic chat noir of Montmartre. Henri belongs to friends. Will went to film school, but admits he only found fame after the Henri videos. He now has a book contract.

And the last scoop is that Nyan is not pronounced “NIE-an”, but nyan (all one syllable). Who knew? (Aside from everyone but me….) The creator of Nyan Cat is Christopher Torres, who is soon opening a Nyan Cat store. One of the highlights of The Friskies award show was a modern interpretive dance featuring a guy dressed up as a pop tart with a cat head dancing to the Nyan Cat song.

I am introduced at about the 40 minute mark on the video. Sadly, Skeezix was not mentioned. It doesn’t matter much to me, but boy did it put him in a snit.

the friskies awards ceremony

So who won?

CATegory winners were speed dating covent garden,free dating sites australia, and The Grand Prize (and $15,000 winner) was the Oskar the Blind Cat’s First Toy. But the big winners were the 25 shelters across the country who scored 250,000 cans of Friskies.

It was a fun-filled afternoon we won’t soon forget.

THE FINE PRINT: Karen Nichols was compensated as a judge by Friskies for the contest and Friskies paid all travel expenses to send Karen to the awards show.

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