Full Moon Zoombomb FAIL

(NOTE: Don’t miss the ADORABLE nose freckles [on the cat, not the MP]  in the photo at the bottom!)

John Nicolson, a member of Scotland's Parliament, was photobombed by his cat, Rojo, during a committee discussion on children

Earlier this week, Parliament member John Nicolson was in the middle of a committee discussion when his ginger tabby, Rojo, suddenly jumped in front of the camera, waving his tail.

Try as he might, Rojo was unsuccessful in executing a Full Moon Zoombomb for Zoom attendees.

“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” Nicolson said, before eventually skooching him and his asterisk of camera view.

“Rojo, put your tail down please,” he said.

Other parliament members in the meeting could be heard laughing during the clip, which quickly went viral, according to the Scottish Sun.

After Rojo’s cameo went public, Nicolson discovered he had a whole bunch of new followers on Twitter. However, he astutely realized they weren’t there for him.

Rojo was disappointed that his asterisk didn’t quite reach into view. He was last seen licking his shoulder, then slinking off to find a shot of Laphroaig.

One thought on “Full Moon Zoombomb FAIL

  1. Hehehe, Talk to da tail, man! You have to hand it to the dude. As for it being the Scottish Sun, well, given the ‘Suns’ propensity for nudes and rudes, maybe they need to rename it the ‘Scottish Moon’!
    PS. Being a princess I have NO knowledge first paw of such human nudes, so can only comment on what Mrs H tells me. How she knows is quite another thing!

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