Geezer Cat Gets 2nd Chance and a New Career


Catsby was old, irritable, unhealthy, and miserable at the shelter. He had hissy fits around other animals. And, he had health issues and a lot of emotional baggage. At 14, it was unlikely he’d find a home.

Enter Danielle Joy Whatley, the owner of the Second Edition Book Shop in Davie, Florida. An animal lover, she knew that cats like Catsby can be unadoptable. So naturally, her book shop was a perfect place for him.

“When I got him, he needed a massive amount of eye surgery,” she explained. He had Entropion, a rare condition in cats which causes an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. “It probably explains why he was grumpy. He was constantly living in discomfort.”

Once he got the job as Shop Cat and had his eyes fixed up, he was a new cat.


“He literally thrived and blossomed under our customers’ attention. I don’t think an hour goes by where he’s not with somebody. He goes down the aisle, follows people, and rubs on their ankles to make sure they know he’s there,” Danielle explained.

Many people regularly visit the store to see their beloved Catsby, bringing treats and toys. He’s especially popular with retirees who aren’t able to have cats. Catsby remembers his favorite customers and greets them at the door. He’ll spend entire afternoons reading and snuggling in their company.

“He loves his second chance and is incredibly grateful. People can sense that. It’s a mutual admiration,” Danielle says.

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  1. Hooray for Geezer Kitties! They are wise, sweet and just so glad to be appreciated!!

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