General Store Cat Gets the Boot

Stormy, a gregarious black cat who has run the Fritz Creek General Store in Homer, Alaska for the last six years, has been forced out of her job because of a complaint from an anonymous customer.

Officials notified the store owners that cat’s presence in the store violated food safety standards. Homer News reported, “The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Food Safety and Sanitation Program received a complaint about Stormy, the resident black, chubby cat at Fritz Creek General Store. An environmental health officer notified the store owners that having a cat in the building violates state food code.”

Stormy was a pawpular attraction, often resting on a wooden chair inside the store waiting for her head scratch from customers. The owners of the small Alaskan General Store arranged a loving new home for Stormy. But she will be sorely missed. Many locals are unhappy to see her go and shared their comments on social media.

Veronice Murphy, former employee and local resident, posted, “It’s sad to see her go. I worked there. She NEVER went in the kitchen. The kitchen is super clean. Sanitary. She kept mice down & smiles on people’s faces.” She went on to say, “Stormy is not prepping the food or serving soup. She sat on the chair. That’s it.”

Owen Miles, a loyal customer and local, wrote, “Whomever that person is should be ashamed of themselves. Stormy brought joy to all at Fritz, especially my son who was in tears when we were told she had to go. There has NEVER been an issue with the amazing food that comes out of that kitchen at the end of the road. While there will still be the same friendly faces at Fritz, it won’t be the same without Stormy.”

Another customer posted, “Stormy was one of the joys of going to Fritz Creek. The great food, laid back environment, friendly staff, and the AMAZING food will remain, but Stormy’s presence will be noticeably missed. So petty. I hope whomever it was is banned from the store. It would be so easy just to walk out and take their business elsewhere, rather than stress Stormy out in a new environment, when could have comfortably lived her days out getting pets and being where she was happy.”

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  1. A sad enditement to the frankly sad life of one individual inflicting their own ways on others. Name calling alas won’t help, but who knows what things will await the individual concerned. . . . .in this life maybe or the underworld.

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