Give ’em da Bird with a Cat Flipping Tee

I’ve had both bosses and co-workers I’ve despised (well, the feeling was mutual, I’m sure). I would sit in interminable meetings wishing I could have one cinematic moment of drama in which I would fearlessly and flawlessly tell them exactly what I thought of them in an Oscar-worthy monologue. But those moments never came, and I’d go back to my desk and file my TPS reports.

How I wish I could have worn one of these t-shirts. I could have nodded agreeably during those painful meetings secure in the knowledge that the cat inside my pocket was flipping them off. Ha! Take that!

They are available in grey, black (pink cat) and white.

It’s a ladies’ cut, and will set you back $21.  CLICK HERE for product info.

3 thoughts on “Give ’em da Bird with a Cat Flipping Tee

  1. I want a bunch of them. Only thing is, do they work when the other person is on the phone? Or emailing you?

  2. This is cute and super funny. I really could have used one of these when I worked at a college with a hot air, buffoon president!

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