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you know brudderz an sistahz, dere are sum baseball playerz hoo havva grate name fer a cat. sum egzamplez are: mickey mantle, (hideki) matsui, joba (chamberlain), an, uv course, da grate (derek) jeter, hizself. so mi mom an i were thinkin abowt da playerz fer da san francisco giantz an da detroit tigerz an heer iz wut we decided:

we think buster posey izza grate name fer a cat. buster alone or posey alone or buster posey togedder izza grate name!

i like (eli) whiteside … jus becuz i havva whiteside an da name makez me think uv mi whiteside. on second thot … maybe whiteside izzen’t such a good name fer a cat.

i definitely like da name (marco) scutero. yup … mi mom an i agree scutero (or scootie patootie) izza grate name!

mi mom alwayz sed she wanned to name a cat melky (cabrera) but da melkman got hizself into sum stoopid trouble … so scratch dat name fer now!

da name (ryan) vogelsong izza grate name … but izzit a grate name fer a cat? (heer vogelsong kitty kitty. i dunno.)

wut abowt anibal sanchez? i like both namez. i think anibal izza grate name fer a girl cat.

now da name prince (fielder) iz alwayz a strong name … usually fer a d-o-g … but a grate name fer a cat, too.

finally, i reely like da name (drew) smyly. wutta happy name fer a feline.

so if i wuz gointa make a predikshun based on grate namez … i think da giantz mite win … but maybe dere are udder namez frum da tigerz dat u like.

in udder nooz …

orion izza grate name fer a cat! dat’z da helmet!

6 thoughts on “good namez fer a cat

  1. I named my first cat after a baseball player on the White Sox in 1983: Ron Kittle … named him Kittle. Kittle the cat was a big talkative gray tabby with green eyes, very intelligent … and he liked to catch balls in his paws. He also liked to watch baseball on TV. Well, at least it seemed that way. Kittle the ballplayer (a left fielder) was Rookie of the Year for the White Sox in 1983 for his mammoth home runs in old Comiskey Park and helped the Sox to the AL West title. He was quite a character, too. And Kittle the cat (shortened to Kitty, of course) was also a character … he liked to catch popcorn in his paws and would retrieve balls, milk rings, popcorn … just about anything. I liked to call him my tabby retriever.

    Kittle the cat got diabetes when he was 14 years old. His blood sugar soared to 600 but we got it down to 150 and he “honeymooned” for several months where he didn’t need insulin. When I was giving him insulin, he would let me do anything … he never fought me. In fact, he would jump on the table waiting for his insulin injection. And the same for getting blood from his ear. I would hold him on my lap with his head on my chest, and he would purr loudly.

    But he eventually reverted to high blood sugar levels and also had hyperthyroidism, and Christmas 2000, I let him go. He was nearly 16. He was the sweetest cat; whenever I see a gray tabby with green eyes, I can’t help but think of Kittle.

  2. I love Derek Jeter because when the Yankees come and play the Tampa Bay Rays, he watches very closely and smiles a lot at our guys. Very cool guy, he is. And Scutero! Love that name so much that I always have to repeat it because it is so much fun to say and confuses our cat, Scooter. Scutero! The Yankees have a place in my heart, but I can’t say too much about that down here in Florida.

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