Good News Tewsday

No need to call up a bunch of hot hunky firemen this time. A cat hanging from the edge of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) was rescued after quick action from a group of Brooklyn students.

Students from Benjamin Banneker Academy noticed the cat hanging off the expressway in the early afternoon and took action, getting the word out and even trying to catch it.

Most of the students who spotted the cat from school windows were occupied with a lesson at the time, so they had to wait to rescue the cat when class got out.

In the meantime, School Secretary Jane Pieratti said her students told her to get the word out on Twitter, so she started posting photos and tagging them with the Department of Transportation and including the mile marker.

“I’m a cat lover, so it was scary,” Pieratti said. “I didn’t want anything to happen to him!”

When the bell rang for classes to end, the students bolted across the street and made a safety tarp they could hold out to give the cat a safe landing if it fell, which gave them enough time before NYPD arrived.

It kept hanging down on the edge looking like it was going to jump, but it was way too high up to do that. The kids went down there and got a tarp from somewhere to try to get the cat down. When NYPD showed up, Pieratti asked if the fire department could use a ladder to save the animal, but unlike stereotypical cat rescues, police decided to travel up the expressway themselves.

They eventually made the rescue, taking the cat away from danger, but it might not have been possible without the quick action of the students…who stayed all the way to the end of the successful rescue.

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  1. That is great news and makes me so happy. I think that is one occasion that the students could be forgiven for not listening to their teacher. Good that they took action, too. Good on them and the teacher.

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