Good News Tewsday: The Job of Your Dreams is Here

Your dream job is finally here. Could you pawsibly find a better gig than professional Cat Cuddler?

Dublin, Ireland’s only feline veterinary clinic is seeking a professional Cat Cuddler with a soft voice, cat whispering ability and “gentle hands” ideal for stroking and petting the furry creatures “for long periods of time.”

“We are considering a veterinary intern, a nurse position or a nurse’s assistant and their title will be appropriate to their role,” Veterinarian Aoife Caulfield told HuffPost. “However, the essence of the job is having a staff member that is responsible for ensuring that our patients and guests have a pleasant experience while receiving their healthcare.”

Unfortunately, the pay sucks. The range is 20,000 to 25,000 euros (USD equivalent of $22,000 to $28,000). That’s barely enough to keep you in Mother’s Milk. And one cannot live in Dublin without Mother’s Milk.

Still interested? Email your cover letter and CV to


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