Good News Tewzday: Don’t Cry Over It

No use crying over spilled milk, according to these opportunistic looters:

7 thoughts on “Good News Tewzday: Don’t Cry Over It

  1. I love this photo, and there is another one of a man milking a cow, and squirting milk into a cat’s open mouth! Even though we know that milk really isn’t good for cats…

    1. Lee–She’s right, most cats are lactose intolerant even though they love milk. But since I’ve recently become lactose intolerant myself and am buying lactose-free milk, I’ve been able to give my cats small amounts without them getting tummy upsets and a case of the squirts.

  2. How bold of them! If the early bird gets the worm, i guess the boldest cats get the spilled milk.

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