Harem-Sized Mancat Mancave


Hey evrybuddy, I’ve bin on vakayshun. Dja miss me? … Anybuddy?

Well, I’ve got a Mancat Mancave this week that will blow yer soks off with all its feechers. (If yer the color of cat hoo wares soks.)

It is reely reely high and it has two hidey holes for yer harem to hang out in, and EVERY POST IS A SKRATCHER and it has ramps and a platform, and well, as you can planely see, CATS LOVE IT!!!!

This just may be the Mancat Mancave of my dreems. How about you? Doncha think it’s PURRFECT?

9 thoughts on “Harem-Sized Mancat Mancave

  1. Mew, mew! That is pawsome. We could really use a few of those. Ours are very old and pretty scratched up, but guess that is what they are for. Guess we could put it on our wish list, MOL!

  2. I have a cat tree just like this one for my cat family in blue. They love it!

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