Himalayan Mancat Mancave to Attract Himalayan Gerlcats


If you’ve got yer eyes on a pawticular Himalayan gerlcat, have I got the mancat mancave for you!

It’s a Himalayan cat tower that is a whopping seven feets tall and it looks like sumthing frum Lost Horizons. It’s got 2 condos in the middle of it that konnekt with each other, and sisal skrachers at the bottom and anuther cat condo on top. That meens thare’s plenty of room for yer bigskreen teevee and a place to hang with yer mancat frends ware you can watch the sooperbole wile yer gerlcat makes you gwawkamolley and brings you Fat Cat Ales. 

AND it has five hanging ball toys. It just kraks me up to say “hanging ball” toys. 

They say it only takes ten minits to assemble, but that’s probly only if yer peeple are as smart as Inestine cuz my mom wood probly need a week to git it rite without having spare peeces left over.  

himalyan cat tree

You can buy this sooperdooper sooperbole watching cat tower at the Playtime Workshop.

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