Hints from HELLoise: Your Cat Owns the Best Latex Paint Remover


If you follow me on Facebook, you know we’ve been going through an epic house reno project. It started simply enough– I just wanted to pull down the wallpaper and paint. Which turned into new carpet and new closet, and geez, all that drywall that needed to be sanded a squillion times.

Many layers of paint later, Mr TF discovers he has paint in his hair.  I, wearing a stylish pink camo Eukanuba cap, do not. Looking online for ways to remove latex paint from hair, we ran across the suggestion that a lice comb be used. Neither of us wanted to be caught buying a lice comb, and then I thought — why not use a FURminator?

So I FURminated the hubster in the shower. All paint flecks appear to be gone. And he thought it was kinda sexy having me groom him. So the next time you get paint in your hair, reach for a flea comb or FURminator rather than scissors or terpentine. And who knows? You might rid him of a flea or two in the process!

A couple of caveats: this is latex paint, not an oil-based variety. And if it doesn’t work, well hubby was due for a haircut anyway, right?



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