Hot Hunky Firemen to the Rescue!

What’s hotter than a hot hunky fireman? How ’bout a cat-rescuing HHF with an Irish accent?

Across the pond, the Dublin Fire Brigade from Kilbarrack station tweeted that they saved a cat caught between two cavity blocks (and I have no idea what a cavity block is, other than it’s a tight place no cat should be.) Wedged tight, Daisy the Cat got herself into quite a purrdicament. That’s when the hot hunky firemen came to her rescue.

They got to work and freed her in ‘purr-fect’ condition.

Their tweet:
‘Tight squeeze for Daisy the cat today after she got caught between cavity blocks,’ they tweeted. ‘A cat-astrophe (sorry 🙏) was averted when firefighters from Kilbarrack station released her in purr-fect (soz) health. #Dublin #fire #CatsOfTwitter

4 thoughts on “Hot Hunky Firemen to the Rescue!

  1. I looked up ‘cavity block’ on the interwebs, and around here we call them ‘concrete blocks’, if that helps anyone. The point being, that the poor kitty was stuck someplace that they weren’t getting out of, but some really nice humans with good tools saving the kitty. Now, did the kitty get returned to her people…I’d like to know that.

  2. Amazing story!Live long and be well Daisy!Thank God for those Firemen!

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