iPad Cat Game Review: Friskies’ You vs. Cat

Friskies ipad game - you vs cat

MAO: Kittehs, if yer looking for a way to have fun this weekend, check out the new iPad game by Friskies, You vs. Cat.

SKEEZIX: Mao, you hogged the hole game. I could hardly git a paw in.

MAO: Yer lame. Time to man up. This is a game that yoo can play with yer peeple. It’s kinda like Foosball. Yer purrson sends a can of stinky goodness or a piece of kibble flying acrost the skreen, and you try to wack it before it goze in the hole. Yoo can lern how to play it in about 30 sekunds. I figyerd out how to make the stuff go acrost the skreen without having our Food Lady do it. So you don’t reely need a purrson to play with you, ixsept to tern on the iPad.

SKEEZIX: Ware duz the stinky goodness and kibble go win it goze in the hole? I looked under the iPad and I couldn’t find it.

MAO: It’s just a game, nimrod. Anyway, I liked wacking the stuff on the skreen and making it disapeer like majik.

SKEEZIX: Win the Food Lady made all the kibbles and cans of stinky goodness go on the skreen at the same time, I got overstimulated and a little googly-eyed.

Friskies You vs. Cat

MAO: Skeez’ almost wet his pants win he finely wacked one himself!

SKEEZIX: It was exciting!

MAO: Now, I’ve gotta warn you, kittehs, thare are no sqwerls, berds or fishies in this game. But thare is plenty of fun on the skreen without them. Even tho it wood be better with sqwerls, berds or fishies. But they do have an iPad cat fishing game if yer into that. That’s a good game, too.

SKEEZIX: Tell ’em about the leederbord.

MAO: Oh, yeah. Thare’s an online leederbord, so you can compeet with other cats and peeple online. You can sit and play You vs. Cat all day long and rack up the points.

SKEEZIX: They should have a Cat vs. Dog game.

MAO: That wood be dum. Dogs are too stoopid to use the iPad.

SKEEZIX: I give You vs. Cat paws up.

MAO: I think it deezerves 3-1/2 out of 4 stars. Win they add the berds, sqwerls and fishies, I’ll give it 4 paws.

Get You vs. Cat FREE

You vs. Cat is available free from the iTunes store or at youvscat.com.

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