Isolate Your Cat at Meal or Potty Time with MeowSpace

If you own a dog who mines for cat crap treats in the cat litter box, or have multiple cats with one on a special diet, MeowSpace might be for you. It’s an enclosed box that can only be accessed by a cat with an rfid or a magnetic tag on her collar. That opens the pet door entrance. No transponder, no entry. You put the litter box or meals inside. No more canine litter box robbers or special diet feeding time trouble.

If your cat has a microchip, the door can be configured without needing a collar tag.

You can also set it up so that the pet only has access at certain times. Maybe you’re at work all day and you don’t want to free-feed your cat, but also don’t want her to go hungry if you get stuck at work late. You can set it to lock during the hours you choose — between 8am and 4pm, for example.

The catch is, I have no idea how much it costs. To find out, you fill out a form on their website. But it’s worth an inquiry if you have a situation from which you might benefit with MeowSpace.

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4 thoughts on “Isolate Your Cat at Meal or Potty Time with MeowSpace

  1. Oh yes, fur multiple kitty households or where a resident D-O-G tries to steal a kittyโ€™s food, this seems like it would offer a nice option. You might have to wipe off a lot of nosie smudges, though from the doggie! Tee hee hee!

  2. Gosh, that is a very good idea, safe room for cats, or their food or litter tray. I hope that the price tag isn’t off putting as this could be an excellent device for many cats to have….
    Toodle pips and purrs

  3. Wow, the idea is amazingly simple! I’m thinking that Manny and CB would try to squeeze in together, even if the door only opens for one! LOL!

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