It’s Never Too Early to Get the Jump on Christmas!

Costco has had all their Christmas stuff up for a couple of months now, so what are you waiting for?

We have at least one tree ornament for each of our cats, past and present. Those who loved playing under the tree so much eventually end up sitting atop it.

These sweet custom ornaments created by Laura Anglemoyer take it up a notch. She’s the creative soul of Kitty Cat Art Studio.

In addition to Christmas ornaments, she designs articulated wall cats, angel cat memorials and more!

She does angel tree toppers as well:
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One thought on “It’s Never Too Early to Get the Jump on Christmas!

  1. Oh my, I am smitten by the lovely decorative art, and whilst it is generally way too early, thanks for sharing so timely these very special gifts.
    Lots of purs

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