Jackson Galaxy Gets PURRsonal with Mousebreath [video]

Jackson Galaxy and kitty friend at book signing in Clinton NJ

Jackson Galaxy talked to Mousebreath last week after a book signing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book, Cat Daddy, is a bittersweet journey through his down-and-out days as a drug addicted alcoholic to his current fame as host of My Cat from Hell and Cat Behaviorist non pareil. And he couldn’t have done it without his own Cat from Hell, Benny.

In the interview, Galaxy reveals what it was like to revisit his demons during the course of writing his book, what we can expect in Season 3 of Cat Daddy (premiering June 30th), and natural remedies to transform you cat from hellish to heavenly.

(Pardon the background noise — the Bookstore’s music system went to 11.)

In a reader? Click here to view the video.

Although Galaxy evangelizes an all-meat diet for cats, in the question-and-answer session he did admit to having Fancy Feast in the house for his 18-year-old cat (the cat is so old he’ll feed him whatever he wants to eat). Like most of us, he suspects it’s laced with crack

4 thoughts on “Jackson Galaxy Gets PURRsonal with Mousebreath [video]

  1. I love Jackson Galaxy and “My Cat From Hell” — awesome interview!! (I’ve put some of his tricks to use in my own multi-cat household, although thankfully I don’t have issues as serious as some of the people featured).

  2. Woo hoo. I LOVE Jackson Galaxy. Can’t wati for the next season of cat from hell to start!

  3. Awesome interview! Thank you. Love Jackson and can’t wait for the new season. Luckily we’ve never had a “cat from hell,” but if we ever do, we’ll call the “Cat Daddy.”

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