Joplin Tornado Cat found 18 mos. later

Many pet owners on the Eastern seaboard are struggling right now as they search for pets caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy. This story may give them hope.

A year and a half ago, the Kent family’s cat Simba went missing during the Joplin tornado. Their home was destroyed, and after a while, it appeared that Simba was gone for good, too.

The family searched shelters, posted flyers and combed the neighborhood, but found no trace of the cat.

On Sunday, the family visited the site of their old house. Jan Kent caught a glimpse of a cat, and when the family made overtures toward the kitty, she came right up to them.

She’s a wee bit thinner, but still the same old Simba. They’ll be moving into their new home next momth with Simba in tow.



5 thoughts on “Joplin Tornado Cat found 18 mos. later

  1. Hurrah for Simba and her family! That is such a wonderful story. Happily ever after 🙂

  2. Great news! Since we’re so close to Joplin, this story is especially touching. Our shelter made countless trips to search for lost pets, and drove truckloads of food & supplies down there. We’ll never forget that May. SO very happy for this family!!

  3. That is beautiful fate! What an awesome thing for them to come back and the cat is there waiting…waiting for it’s family to come back. I’m so happy to hear this story’s happy ending. I hope they have a wonderful life in their new home.

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