Katris GIVEAWAY: Mod Cat Furniture + New Cool Covers!

Katris, the amazingly versatile and innovative modular scratching and play system is about to get a whole lot better.

Can Katris Get Any Better?

Better than infinite configurations with five different shapes? Better than eco-friendly materials?

Better than an elegantly simple modern sculpture that functions a cat play structure, scratcher and furniture?

Better than a playtoy for your people as they rearrange the pieces like a set of Lincoln Logs?

Yes it can.

I had a hard time myself believing that it might be pawsible for Katris to improve on purrfection. Buckaroo and Banzai LOVE their Katris, and it’s one of the few “cat things” that hubby loves too. The cats love it as a base for hide-and-seek-and-destroy games. Buckaroo uses it as his observation post. Hubby loves the modern design that blends seamlessly with our decor, and he loves rearranging the pieces into new sculptures.

We’ve had our Katris set since Katris gave Mousebreath one to review last October. It still looks as new as when we pulled it from the box. The cats can scratch up a storm without leaving detritus all over the carpet, and without damaging the look.

Katris blocks are incredibly durable–they’re made of twice the paper sheets and are two times thicker than the average scratcher.

So How Can You Improve on Katris?

The makers of Katris are starting a KICKSTARTER fundraiser on August 17th, to fund the creation of special covers for making your Katris blocks even more fashionable, allowing them to fit into your home more seamlessly!

And don’t worry if you don’t have any Katris units! If you don’t win them in this giveaway, you’ll automatically be signed-up to receive an alert letting you know when the Katris Kickstarter begins so you can take advantage of the Early Bird specials!

The covers come in 3 models – Wood, Mono and City -so you can choose what work best based on your design needs and preferences! They and stick onto the front of your Katris unit like a fancy facade and are very strong and durable.


Katris Cover Details

Katris covers will come in three collections:

Wood Collection: Two wood tones made from high quality veneer real wood.

Mono Collection: A simple but clean collection of black and white made of 100% recyclable paper, it’s as strong as wood. (I want the black ones — they will complement our furniture purrfectly!)

City Collection: This colorful collection printed with non-toxic soybean ink, and gives a nod to the Katris HQ in San Francisco! Like the Mono Collection, it’s crafted of 100% recycled paper that’s a strong as wood.


Katris Covers Installation: Just Peel ‘n’ Stick!

Take a look at how easy the covers are to install:

GIVEAWAY: Win 2 Katris Blocks with Covers!

So enter now for your chance to win 2 Katris units in the shape of your choosing along with two covers from the collection of your choice. Prizes will ship in September. US and Canada residents, only.

In the unlikely event that Katris does not reach its Kickstarter goal, you will still receive
two Katris units of your choice if you win the giveaway!



THE FINE PRINT: Katris has provided the Katris units and covers to Mousebreath and has sponsored this post. Mousebreath respects its readers and will never recommend a product with which we are not thoroughly in love.

12 thoughts on “Katris GIVEAWAY: Mod Cat Furniture + New Cool Covers!

  1. Hallo. The artist here. I have wanted the Katris for quite a while. I shopped for months because I dislike how many of them look. I don’t want carpet “sculpture” in my home. I bought one that is like a bookcase thing that is sort of Ikea-ish. My 3 cats (and me too) want to live in harmony. That means 2 cats up high on cat furniture (and wall, eventually) and 1 down on the floor when he’s not under the bed.

  2. Ho, Aspen here, as the designated Speaker for all the Cats and Peeps in my family, we sure would love the Katris! Moms might think some of it could be used to store books! Tee hee, tee hee! Its my function to dump any stack of Moms books onto the floor and re-arrange these as my Artistic Outlet! Cat Artists unite!

  3. These look like so much fun. My humanz are crazy about dat video game dat inspired des scratchers. I finks my sisfur monsters would lub dem to death.

    Fink dey could stand up to the likes of Captain CrazyPants and Da Destroyer?

    1. Captain CrazyPants, maybe. Da Destroyer? I dunno. But ours still look like new (except for catnip in the crevices.)

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