Kitty Cat Hats Rescue Bad Fur Days

Rainbow Mohawk Cat Hat

Thare’s nuthing werse than looking yerself in the mirror ferst thing in the morning and realizing with horror that yer having a bad fur day. But no one will notiss if you don one of theeze stylish and colorful nit hats. Sum (like the one above) even have bilt-in mohawk harestiles!

This one will help you disgize yerself as a French Poodle:

Colorful knit cat hat with pompom

They come in all diffrint colors. I like the brades that the mohawk hats have hangin’ down the sides:

hot girl dating ugly guy

I’m a sucker for pink!

You can git these Bad Fur Day Savers in many diffrint colors and stiles here. For a limited time, you can enter coupon code BKTEN at checkout to receive 10% off anything in the store!

2 thoughts on “Kitty Cat Hats Rescue Bad Fur Days

  1. Wow – mom may have to consider getting one for Greta the foster kitten to cover her bald spot (she had to have part of her head shaved so they could treat a bite wound). Except we don’t think Greta would cooperate much about wearing it. MOL

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