Kitty Loaf Cats Arya and Django

If you aren’t acquainted with Django and Arya from the blog Kitty Loaf, pull up a cushion and join us as we get to know them.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourself and your human.

Django: Hi, my name is Django and I guess I’ll do the talking because my sister, Arya is pre-occupied with chasing her tail. We were born in Ohio but came to live with our mom in Florida when we were just kittens. We like it much better in Florida because it’s way warmer and there are a lot more birds.

My sister and I are Savannah Cats. That pretty much means we are part cheetah or something. When visitors come over they point at us and say things like “Whoa! Those are some wild looking cats!” or “Is that a baby cheetah?!” We like the attention. Even our mom gives us tons of attention and makes a big fuss about us on the cat blog.

I’m still not entirely sure how she came up with the name Kitty Loaf, but I think it’s what she calls Arya when she sits all weird with her paws and tail tucked beneath her. It turns out Arya isn’t the only weirdo who sits like a loaf of bread. So now we have a “Loaf of the Day” feature on the blog.

Our mom used to just take a ton of pictures of us but now that we’re older she’s given us real jobs on the blog. I’m the Lead Cat Product Reviewer and Head of Quality Control. I have a real knack for destroying things, so I was well qualified for the position.

Funny Farmer Felines: If you have any furry siblings, please introduce them too.

Django: I do have a sibling, although I often wonder how I could be related to her at all. Her name is Arya. She might have a slight edge over me in the looks department, but when it comes to brains, there’s really no comparison. In fact, I think she’s still chasing her tail.

Mom finds her antics and clumsiness very amusing and appointed her as the Chief Safety Inspector at Kitty Loaf. I never would have considered being clumsy a skill, but go figure.

There’s one other furry feline in the house, but I’d hardly call her our sibling. Maybe we’re “frenemies” or just straight up enemies. Her name is Puddles and it’s pretty safe to say she hates us. She’s either threatened by our dashing good looks or jealous that we get so much attention from the humans. Whatever it is, Puddles really needs to learn how to chill out.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you all come to live together?

Django: Arya and I used to just live with our mom until she met a dude she calls her “boyfriend”. At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the guy. I liked being the man of the house. Arya on the other hand fell in love with the boyfriend and she’s got him wrapped around her paw.

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We came to find out that the boyfriend had a cat of his own – i.e. Puddles. Mom, Arya and I moved in with the boyfriend and Puddles about 4 months ago. We’ve got a lot more space in the new digs, but things are way more stressful now that we have to share everything with Puddles. Hopefully she’ll warm up to us soon and we can be one big happy family again.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you like to get into, either separately or together?

Django: Mischief is my middle name! Arya and I love playing a game called “the floor is lava”. We basically try to navigate the entire house without ever touching the floor. We’ve gotten pretty good at cabinet hopping, shelf climbing, and scaling the refrigerator. My favorite part of the game is at the end when I get to knock Arya off of whatever ledge she is on. Then I’m the winner… I’m always the winner.

Then there’s this other game that Mom and I play where she hides the roll of toilet paper in a cabinet or drawer and I have to find it… then destroy it. I’ve gotten pretty good at opening drawers. When guests come over they always forget to put the TP back in the drawer. They don’t know how to play the game. So it’s like a freebie! I get to shred the roll without having to find it first.

Funny Farmer Felines: What is your greatest love and your biggest fear?

Django: I love sitting on my humans. I know Savannah Cats aren’t supposed to be lap cats, but I don’t care about that. I’m a real lover at heart and there’s nothing better than having a nice warm lap to sit on. It’s also a good way of showing the humans that I’m the boss.

Up until recently I really didn’t have anything to fear in life. But then I met Puddles. And she is now my biggest fear. I might be bigger and stronger than her, but after our first scuffle, I’ll never underestimate the fury of a scorned female again!

As for Arya, Ignorance is Bliss. Arya remains unafraid of everything. But her greatest love is getting belly rubs. Yes, Arya is a strange cat indeed. Belly rubs put her in a state of ecstasy.

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Funny Farmer Felines: Are you on any social media you would like to share with readers?

Django: Yes, we are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @mykittyloaf.

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We even have our very own Instagram account too. @Arya_and_Django.

So it goes without saying that we are very social cats! We love our humans and our followers.

Funny Farmer Felines: How would you describe yourself?

Django: I’m an energetic 4.5 year old brown spotted Savannah Cat. I have green eyes and a tall, slender build. I’m very athletic – I can jump 6 feet high and run faster than the little red laser. I have excellent hygiene – I voluntarily take at least 1 bath every day in the sink. I enjoy sunbathing, bird-watching, box rides, and rough-housing with my sister. But I also have a sensitive side too. I’ve won the hearts of countless “dog people” with my outgoing personality and charm. Ladies, if you’re interested you can find me on Tinder. I’m single.

Funny Farmer Felines: If we were to ask your human what she loves best about you, what do you think she’d say?

Django: This is a tough one. I have so many good qualities. I don’t usually like to admit this, but I’m a bit of a mama’s boy. I think she likes that. I’ll always choose her lap to lay on even when there are more comfortable laps available. That’s real love.

The humans love Arya because she’s always making them laugh. She’s got some pretty bizarre habits that they find entertaining. For example, Arya is convinced that a boogie monster lives within the curtains separating the movie room from the rest of the house. She thinks the only way to avoid getting attacked by this imaginary monster is to hop 2 feet over the threshold when entering or exiting the room. Personally, I think she’s plain retarded. But the humans think she’s the funniest cat they’ve ever seen.

Funny Farmer Felines: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Django: Ummm… I guess I should mention that I do in fact love my sister, Arya. I might not always act like it, but she’s my best buddy and I can’t imagine life without her. But don’t you dare repeat that to her! I have a reputation to uphold.

Thank you Funny Farmer Felines and Mousebreath for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you and your cat-loving community!

Funny Farmer Felines: We kitties all like the loaf position, but this is the first time we’ve ever met professional loafers. Or should that be professional loaf models? Or loaf loungers? Whichever, Django and Arya can be found at the Kitty Loaf blog.

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  1. Hiya and furry nice to meet you Django and Arya!
    Can really tell that Arya loves her brother furry much too.

    Was wondering how tall you are…
    Purrz from Katie the Mom
    and the Katz

  2. Gosh, sounds like you have a whale of a time with your family. It does take time to settle in with new felines and Puddles will have to be befriended rather than usurped as she was there first. But I’m sure with your good looks and loving nature all will b3 well in the end. Now as to tinder, my housekeeper does an excellent job lighting fires and will be happy to exchange tips with you if you wish?
    Toodle pips and purrs

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