Ladycats! Roman House Panther Inherits €10m Fortune

Former stray cat heir to €10m fortune

Start practicing your Italian, Ladycats! Tomasso, a 4-year-old formerly feral house panther from Rome recently inherited a €10m fortune, making him the werld’s richest cat.

His lady dide last munth at the age of 94. He inherited her empire of properties that extend frum Milan to Calabria.

Under Italian law, cats and other animals cannot inherit stuff directly, but they can be benefishieries if a trust E is fownd. His lady fownd a Trust E named Stefania hoo now takes care of Tomasso at a secret location outside of Rome. Stefania is a cat lady who took care of Tomasso’s lady and gave her sponge baths and clipped her toenales and stuff win she got old.

Previussly, the werld’s richest cat was probly Blackie, who inherited £9m frum his British owner in 1988.

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