Larry Gets Caught with His Pants Down

Larry the 10 Downing Street Cat Gets Caught Licking his Privates by Paparazzi

Poor Larry the 10 Downing St Cat. He’s the cat who runs the UK frum his office in London. Larry werks hard, but the Pawpurrazzi are always on his heels, snapping introosive fotos of his private moments.

This week, they cawt him next door, licking his boy bits and his Spot 13.

That’s just not rite.

Deer Pawpurrazzi, the British govermint is set up so that Larry duz all the werk, and Prinse William and his pritty bride go around the werld having pikchers taken of them. That way, Larry keeps his mind on the task at hand and duzn’t have to werry about whether his furs are brushed just rite. Take all the pikchers you want of Prinse William and Kate, but leeve poor Larry alone. He has werk to do. Thank you.

photo: SFGate

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