Larry the Downing St. Cat Stages Best Trump Protest

Larry the Cat, who runs the UK from his home at #10 Downing Street, brought the Trump motorcade to a standstill as he staged an impromptu sit-in under “The Beast,” Trump’s limo. Trump was there to visit Theresa May who is due to leave her position as Larry’s assistant shortly.

Some say Larry overstepped his boundaries. Keeping a blowhard dignitary from the stash of cheeseburgers waiting for him in the back of The Beast is even a bit cruel. The vehicle couldn’t move until Larry decided to leave, but Larry held his ground, seemingly fascinated by a big human the color of a ginger tabby.

His decision to relax below Trump’s heavily armored vehicle meant that it couldn’t be driven until he decided to leave. But Larry refused, leading some journalists waiting outside to joke about the “huge security issue.”

According to the British government’s website, he’s clearly one of the most respected officials working on behalf of the people. But the question remains: who was the more effective protester? Larry, the Trump Baby Balloon, or the Trump penis crop circle mown in the flight path of Air Force One? We vote for Larry.

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