Leopard Chaise for Your Mancat Mancave

leopard print cat bed chaise


This leopard print chaze is a cat bed to beet all cat beds. Swank and sexy, it will be the envy of all yer cat frends.

It’s cuverd in a soft chuneele fabrik and has a sturdy wood frame. Even the stoopidest of peeple can assembul it cuz all you need to do is skrew in the legs. It’s also EZ to kleen if things git too frisky — just rub it down with a damp cloth.

Mancats, if this duzn’t attrakt the gerlcats, then you’d better chek yer hygeene, cuz this is definitly a gerlcat magnet.

You can git it on sale for about $90 at Overstock.com.

One thought on “Leopard Chaise for Your Mancat Mancave

  1. Oooooooh, we like that 🙂 Do you have one of these, Fred? If so, is it really comfy? We are at the age where comfy is important. Gerlcats are just too much trouble and we have plently of them!

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