Lion Cuts – Ferocious… or Cute?

Now that summer has arrived and things are warming up here in good ‘oleBurbank, my two longhaired housemates, Bo Diddley and Piglet, have gotten their annual lion cuts. As you can see by the photos (Bo Diddley on the left, Piglet on the right), they look very cute… however, just because they look like little lions doesn’t mean they can strut around and act like BIG lions. Especially Piglet.

Yes, that’s right… the smallest member of the pride, who challenges my alpha maleness on a daily basis anyway, now thinks that he has somehow acquired mystical lion powers, and that he is suddenly the king of the jungle around here. Wrong again, Palsy-Walsy. As all my fellow alpha males know, there can be only one lion king in each household, and in our household, that lion king is ME! And when challenged, even by a little lion like Piglet, I have to administer a flurry of whaps, hisses and moans to restore order.

Still, I must admit, Bo Diddley and Piglet DO look rather ferocious (in an adorable kind of way). In fact, seeing them with their lion cuts almost makes me wish that I was a longhaired cat so I could get one too.

2 thoughts on “Lion Cuts – Ferocious… or Cute?

  1. I gess it is the way yoo look at it. A lot less hareballs to give to your human, but a lot eesier to wash oneself.

  2. Sparky Fuzzypants says that he’d be mortified by a lion cut and that his shorn buns are enough. When he gets too hot, he spills the water bowl and lays in the water. Whatever works!

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