Your Poop Box Can Look Posh with this Felt Skin

Felted cat litter box cover

This simple felt design can tranform an ordinary plastic hooded litter box into a piece of furniture you might forget to hide away in the laundry room.

The felt skin comes in beige or anthracite, with your choice of wiring color.

Now, since the site is in Dutch, I can’t guarantee a purrfect translation, but it costs the equivalent of $225, depending on exchange rates.

… I’m pretty sure that some of you superstar DIYers could come up with a home-grown version.

CLICK HERE for purchase info and additional photos.

2 thoughts on “Your Poop Box Can Look Posh with this Felt Skin

  1. Anyone who’s ever lived with a cat knows it is a terrible idea to have any manner of cloth near where they pee. It practically screams “use the felt, not the box”

    Sorry, but this is the worst idea ever.

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