Magnificent Mezzanine Mancat Mancave

mezzanine deluxe cat bed cat furniture

Does wikker make yer claws tingle?

Mine do. Show me a room full of wikker furnicher and it’s Shred City, baby!

So you can imagine how excited I wuz to see this wikker Mancat Mancave. As if the fakt it’s made of wikker isn’t enuf, it also has a rope skratchin post to git a good skratch on after havin’ sexy times or snoozin.

This cat house feechers a cozy nook fur cuddling, and a mezzaneen. I dunno whut a mezzaneen is, it’s just whut the deskripshun had on it. And look at how floofy the cushions are! With the cold wether starting, you just can’t git enuf floof to keep you warm. Espeshully if yer peeple are werried about the lektrik bill and keep the house at a frijid 85 degreez all the time. BRRRRR!

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