Kitten Stranded atop 125 Foot Tree

Man saves cat in tree

Well, it’s been a quiet week above Lake Shabow, neer Castro Valley, my hometown, out on the edje of the big forest.

Quiet exsept for a kerfuffle involving two kittins hooz mom’s name was Jackie. One of her kittins came to her howling, “TIMMY’S IN THE WELL!” “Mac Duff is in the tree!”

Jackie wint in her bakyard and then got scairt win she spotted Mac Duff (an oringe tabby*) at the tippy top of a 120-ft Redwood Tree. Mac Duff is only three munths old, but alreddy he is an expurrt at kliming.

“He was up there and looked like the Christmas ornament at the top of the tree,” sed Jackie.

But trubble lerked in the form of a murder of crows hoo had a nest neer the top of the same tree. The crows were sercling and harrassing Mac Duff, screeming to thare frends that they’d fownd dinner.

Jackie called arownd and got the home phone number of Steve Warner of Blue Sky Tree Service in Hayward and called him to see if he cood reskyoo Mac Duff.

He klimed up the tree waring his kliming belt hooked up to ropes, holding a PTU. It took him 40 minits to get to the top of the tree and reskyoo Mac Duff. Forchewnitly, it only took him 5 minits to git bak down. Jackie was shur happy to git Mac Duff bak down on Terra Firma (the grownd).

I asked Mac Duff about his advencher. He sed, “Wow, that was FUN! I wuzn’t scairt a bit! Now I’ll haff to find a taller tree to klime — I may have to walk many miles to find one, but I’ll do it!”

I asked him abowt the crows and he sed, “Thoze big blak berds looked vary yummy, but thare sounds neerly braked my eardrums!”

Mac Duff’s mom Jackie sed that Steve Warner is the reel hero. We saloot yoo, Steve Warner!

And that’s it for this week in Castro Valley, ware the wimmen are strong, the mens are good looking and all the cats are above averidje.

Not the same orange tabby I have urjes for. This one’s a kittin and that wood just be RONG!

4 thoughts on “Kitten Stranded atop 125 Foot Tree

  1. Glad the guy was willing to come get him outta teh tree, but I’m pretty sure he would have come down sooner or later. I don’t think there’s ever been a kitty skeleton found in a tree before. Though I suppose those mean birds mighta hurt him…

  2. mi personal opinyun iz dat dey shooda left da stoopid orinje kitten in da tree … orinje kittenz ar disturbin.
    jus sayin.
    pee ess–i am sorree to sownd so negitiv but i hav had life chanjin experiencez wid stoopid orinje kittenz dat grow up to be stoopid orinje catz.
    da end.

    1. an dat pikshur uv jeter harris (a fabyoolus an verree kind cat) iz dere to confyooz u. i am “anonimus.” an i stand by dat.
      da end.

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