Mancat Cave Monday: Vrooooooom!

Mancat Cave: Kitty Car Bed

Hello Fellow Mancats! Today’s Mancat Cave is a 2-fer: a cozy mancat cave AND a sporty car that will tern the gerlcat heds your way! Getting a date just got a hole lot eezier.

It’s made of tuff manly cotton canvas that’s eezy to kleen when yer dingleberries fall off or yer mancatly belches and farts git it all stinkified. Inside is a comfy pink cushion. I’ve been told that pink is the new black for mancats in the know.

Here’s the link for more info or to buy.

3 thoughts on “Mancat Cave Monday: Vrooooooom!

  1. Wait a minute! That is a tortie and white kitty riding it, and you know they are 99% female! MOL – we girls rule!

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