Mancat Mancave Scores an “E” for Excellent!

mancat mancave is elegant

So this is a Mancat Mancave that looks like an “E” so it’s best for mancats named Edgar or Edwin or Elvis. I thot I could cut off the bottum to turn it into an “F” for Fred, but that makes it kind of tip over, wich woodn’t werk out so good. And also, I wood need opposable thums and a woodshop class to be able to do that.

So, the second drawing shows whut it looks like inside: lots of crawly-klimey hidey spaces. Neet, rite?

But the best part is, it is made to order in whutever colors you like (amung the 15 diffrint colors they offer), and you can add on these toys that you attach and play with.


The not-so-good part is that this is whut it costs:


Here are the detales frum thare website:

This ultra-modern 7-foot-tall cat tower has 8 interior rooms, 3 tube beds, and a spacious 35″ x 23″ top lounge area with 4-inch-tall safety walls. It also has 2 additional exterior lounge areas. The upper of these areas is 14″ x 24″, and the lower is 19″ x 24″. Below the bottom tube bed is a private condo, which is 14″ x 23″. Holes in each interior ceiling allow your cats to navigate the tower’s interior. See image #3 for a look at the interior layout. Ships fully assembled.

And it’s humungous! A whopping 84″ high and 4 feet wide.

This Epsilon Cat Tower is made by the Hollywood Kitty Company and you can git it at

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  1. It’s spendy, but if you have a whole wall for it and have lots of kitties, it would be worth it, I think. If I were still a kitten, I think I’d be lobbying for this…

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