Mancat Mancave: Anything You Want it to Be


WalMart is a majikal place ware you can buy all kinds of plastik made-in-china krap. And this week’s Mancat Mancave is no ixsepshun.

It is a modular thingie ware you just keep adding peeces until it reeches the top of the sky or yer seeling, wichever comes ferst. It has all kinds of hangie-downie things to play with and bilt-in hidey holes and monkey bars (monkeys sold sepritly).

For ixzample, you can start with these 2 peeces that only cost $35 at WalMart. And you keep adding and bilding like a tinker toy set.

So tell yer mom rite now that you need to go the WalMart. You’ll be glad you did.

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