Mancat Mancave: DIY Pet Bed Project

This is a mancat mancave fit for a king — namely, a cat!

This magnifisent cat bed is handcrafted from upcycled materiuls. Built like a mini house, it offers a homey, lived in environment that the gerlcats are shur to love.

And, it’s not that ixpensive! It’s a DIY project from with all of the instructions inklooded.

Mancat Mancave pet bed for cats (DIY project)

No deetale is mist, frum the luxe wallpaper, a comfy cushun, wall art and a DND sine. It’s a qwik projekt that even the most inept DIY peep can compleet.

They have the DIY for anuther pet bed project, this one with a drawr to put all yer nip toys and fevvers and stuff. It has less privacy than the ferst one, but it is vary pritty in brite mancatly colors:

mancat mancave pet bed -diy project

Where to get DIY Pet Bed Tutorials

The plans for these and other grate projects are available at Steven and Chris’ DIY website at


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