Mancat Mancave: Ginormous Cat House

Mancat Mancave: Super large outdoor cat house

If yer an outdoor cat, you know how much it suks to have to sleep someware like the garage or under a porch to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And even werse, no gerlcat will wunt to come over to yer mildewy mouse-poop infestid under-the-porch spot for sum sexy times.

So heer’s whut you need to git. It’s an outdoor cat manshun that big enuf fer you and a small harum.

It’s made of seedur wood wich meens it will still be around after yer gone. It has a slide-in center partishun wich can keep members of yer harum seperated if they have hissy fits with eech other. A vinyl door flap keeps the wether out, opshunul insulayshun keeps in warm and cool if yer wether suks, and an opshunul heat pad will keep you warm. It even has a purrsunalized name plate!

You can buy this grand mancat manshun at Cozy Cat Furniture.

4 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: Ginormous Cat House

  1. Des ones nose how to makes a house, fur-shore! We juss loves your articles, Fred. We wants one of each!

  2. That would be cool to have even if you’re an inside kitty. A nice, no-people-allowed place to hang… I wonder if I have a place to put it…

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