Mancat Mancave: Gorton’s Fisherman Fantasies

lighthouse mancat mancave cat tower

Ever had vizhuns of being that Gorton’s of Gloster Fisherman guy?

You know, the guy hoo gits all the toona and hallibutt he wunts? HAHAHAHA I sed BUTT!!! Well, that is just the kind of guy hoo gits all the gerlcats cuz how cood they tern down an endless supply of toona joose?

This Mancat Mancave will keep more gerlcats coming and sniffin’ around for fish than you can handle, I garuntee it. See, it’s made like a litehouse, and that’s whut attraks all the fishes frum deep in the oshun. The litehouse mancat just has to step outside and skoop up the fish frum the beech.

On the bottum thare’s a cozy bedroom area, and then thares a three story high tower for you to klime up and survay yer domane. Neet, eh?

How much duz it cost? Well, if yoo hafta ask….


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