Mancat Mancave: Greenroof Cat Castles

Mancat Mancave with evergreen insulating roof

If yer peeple were born with black thums, you can probly skip this edition of Mancat Mancave Monday, cuz these mancaves need to be manetaned by sumwun hoo can keep the plants alive. If yer like me, peeple like that don’t live in yer house.

But I can dreem.

Today’s Mancat Mancaves are frum Sustainable Pet, a cumpany that bilds deelux houses fer dogs that feecher gardens on the roofs. We don’t think dogs shood have all the fun tho — these make super duper mancat mancaves!

Mancat Mancave with evergreen insulating roof

The gardens look nice (assuming yer peeps can keep them alive), and they also purrvide insulation frum sound and temps, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The roof is compleetly waterproof.

greenroof mancat mancave cat house

Sustainble Pet uses only non-toxic mateerials in the construction of these mancat mancaves. They are bilt of untreeted (non-toxik) cedar and recycled wood, and painted with zero VOC paint. I dunno whut that meens, but I think it is good.

greenroof mancat mancave cat house

The garden that groze on the top suppozedly attracts berds and butterflys, so you will always have sumthing to eet and play with rite thare on top of yer house.

greenroof mancat mancave cat house

To order one of these grate cat houses, go to

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  1. Yep – we gots one of those peoples with the black thumbs. But we like the idea cause it would have those nommy plants really close to the house….especially if you could get the peoples to grow some catnip!!

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