Mancat Mancave: Kitty Cat Castle for under $15

Mancat Mancave Kitty Cat Castle

This is purrfect for the king surveying his kingdom, and the price is right for less than $15.

Mancat Mancave Kitty Cat Castle

As you can see in this foto of Honey, above, you can customize the cardboard exterior with markers to make it colorful and mark it as yer own without having to pee on it. Just make shur yer peeple don’t use sissy colors win they are painting yer castle.

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This castle has many nice features inklooding a carpeted turret wich purrvides a nice cumfterbul vantage point frum wich to check out the ladies:

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Thare are 2 drawbaks: no drawbridje, and it’s a little too small to fit a harum PLUS yer big screen teevee and a catnip bar and yer minyuns. But it wood be purrfect as a vacation home. AND it will klass up yer joint.

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