Mancat Mancave: Let’s all pile on the people bed!

Mancat Mancave - People Bed shaped like a cat

Hey evrycat, Fred heer with this week’s edishun of Mancat Mancaves.

This week, we’re feechering a peeple bed that’s just purrfekt fur the mancat with a big harum. After all, thare’s no place better to sleep than on a big ole’ peeple bed watching the peeps having to kerl up like pretzuls HAHAHAHAHA!! And win you’ve got a bunch of gerlcats with you, gess how kerled up yer peeps will be?

That’s how kerld up!!!! So git this kitty cat bed fur yer peeps today fer the mancat mancave that dubbles as endless nites of amyoozmint.

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