Mancat Mancave: Classy Mid-Century Modern Cat Bed

mancat mancave modern cat bed

This RONDO cat bed won’t fit vary many gerlcats inside with you. But it is vary klassy looking. Yer peeple will like to put it in places ware cumpany hoo comes to vizit with you can see it. And it has opshunul aksesseries like a skratching surfiss that can be attached to the post, or addishunul fashun covers that will let you change up the look as often as yer ladey changes her hare color. In addishun to the post-style bed, thare is a verzhun that attaches rite to yer wall to let you git high. I purrsonally don’t know any cats hoo don’t like to git high:

The inteerior pad’s cover is washable wich meens that if yer sister or brudder gits thare stink all over it, you can git it off reely eezy. Of korse, it also meens that if you git yer stink all over it you mite have to keep going bak and restinkifying it if yer mom likes to throw stuff in the washer masheen a lot. Forchewnitly, I don’t have that problim. Heer’s ware you can buy them.

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