Mancat Mancave Monday: Fortresses

giant cat pagoda condo mancat mancave

This week, mancats, I have two fortress-style mancat mancaves for yer kunsideration. If yoo watch My Cat from Hell, you know that cat whisperer Jackson Galaxy recummends that you purrvide a cat-frendly environment to keep yer cats happy. I think any of yer cats wood be thrilled with either of theeze mancat mancaves.

Both of these come in five diffrint color choices. And they feecher hidey holes up hi so you can stalk other cats and then jump on ’em! The Mancat Mancave above is a wopping 67 inches high and 24 inches wide and 35 inches long. I dunno whut the diff between wide and long is. I just know it meens GINORMOUS.

No toxic materiuls are used. I think maybe it has a stripper pole in bak. But don’t quote me on that. It sez it’s made of “household grade” carpet. What kind of carpet is not household grade? That’s a stumper. It has a replaceable skratch pad. Wich is good cuz we rip our skratchers to shreds in about 3 days.

And altho it ways neerly 100 pownds, you can join Club O for about $20 and git free shipping.

I do wish the sisal wint up higher for a good tall skratch, but you can git yer peeps to rap addishunul sisal around to make it better. This lavish pagoda-style mancat mancave will set yoo back about $225. Too rich for my blud, but it’s not like I’m rakin’ in the doe riting for MouseBreath.

This next mancat mancave is a reel steal!

mancat monday palace

It DOES feecher a stripper pole, and also comes in five color choices. It’s smaller than the fortress on top, but it’s also way cheeper: just over $120. What a bargin!

It’s less bigger than the one above: 46 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. I dunno whut the diff between wide and deep is, or why this one is wide and deep and the other one is wide and long. It ways almost 50 pownds, but like the fortress above, you can git “free” shipping by joining Club O for $20.

Mancat Mancave Purchase Info

You can buy the ginormous pagoda-style mancat mancave on top at

The smaller Mini-Pagoda Mancat Mancave is also available frum


Prices, terms and availabilty subjekt to change without notice. MouseBreath receives no consideration for the mancat mancaves it feechers, and all opinyuns are Fred’s. So he’s the one to blame if thare’s a problim.

3 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave Monday: Fortresses

  1. I promise, Mom, I would never scratch the couch again or puke in your shoes if you got me the one on the top. PLEEEESE?

    1. we love kitty condos! these are awesome — we would also like a house like that one in San Diego — the cat’s house — all the little places for cats to be — shelves and tunnels and stuff. its all about the cats here 🙂

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