Mancat Mancave Monday: The Beer Box Skyscraper

Mancat Mancave skyscraper made of beer cases and duct tape

If yer scairt of hites, this is NOT the Mancat Mancave for you. But if yer a daredevil, feest yer eyes on this baby.

This is a skyscraper penthouse Mancat Mancave that employs green construkshun consepts — namely, recycling empty beer cases and stikking a bunch of them together with duct tape and hopin’ like hek that they won’t topple over.

If you do make it to the top like this tabby, you’ll have a killer view and whut gerlcat could tern down an invitation to accompany you up to yer penthouse?

Like the purrfect gerlcat, this cat tower is cheep and eezy to bild. So git started drinking those Fat Cat Ales to empty out a few beer cases! Then chillax in your penthouse watching a Hillbilly Handfishin marathon. Bliss!

3 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave Monday: The Beer Box Skyscraper

  1. Wow! We’ve never had a condo made of beer crates because Mom doesn’t drink, but we HAVE had a small shelf made of banana boxes. It was only two stories high, not elebenty like this cool one!

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