Mancat Mancave Monday: The Bird’s Nest

Mancat Mancave house for cats

HomeBasic now offers sumptuous mancat mancaves made of wood and liana. I dunno what liana is, but it looks good. Inside, you’ll find water and a dirt repellent pillow wich makes no sense to me cuz cats arn’t dirty.

This mancat mancave looks a littul like berdie nests, wich mite make it pawsible for berds to mistake you for a nest and fly in with dinner.

The HomeBasic mancat mancave comes in 2 colors: cool grey or warm brown.

But heer’s the thing: this mancave costs about 980 euros. I dunno whut a euro is, but 980 sounds like a LOT! But of korse, when you find the purrfect berd-attrakting mancat mancave, duz it even matter how much it costs?

I didn’t think so!

4 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave Monday: The Bird’s Nest

  1. I looked up one of those currency conversion sites – 980 Euros is $1,400 dollars!! I know that’s a lot of money!! I think my mommy wouldn’t be too happy if I used her plastic money for that!!

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