Mancat Mancave Monday: Custom Table Bed


This week’s Mancat Mancave is a custum-bilt 4-poster bed upcycled from a side table. Yoo pik the deezines and colors.

Now, this may look more like a bed than a Mancat Mancave, but imagine draping a blankie over the top to make a fort: instant mancat cave! A purrfect place to hide and pounce unexpectedly on unsuspecting gerlcats.

Each one is yooneek, about 2 feets long and about 20 inches wide, big enuf even for widebodeez. But they can be made bigger or smaller. You like?

Shabby Sheek Facebook page or thare Etsy shop.

One thought on “Mancat Mancave Monday: Custom Table Bed

  1. Looks like a good use for an old table. Love your idea of the blankie over the top of it to make a fort, instant Mancat Mancave!

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