Mancat Mancave Monday: The Pink Feather Dream

Pink Feather Mancat Mancave featured on mousebreath
Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Fred was a little hungover frum New Yeer’s nipitinis, so I’m taking over the Mancat Mancave colum for him this week. And boy, are you in for a treet!

If you’ve got a lot of Krissmiss money to spend, this lds online dating is a fethery dreem, with more fethers in one place than you’ve ever seen in yer life!!! And pink is a vary flattering color for mancats. It’s like it makes little harts reflect in yer eyes, and THAT, my frends, is how you git a gerlcat.

And need I remind you that Valentine’s Day is just arownd the corner??? What a better place to spend it than this fabulous fethery dreem bed! I garuntee you’ll git lucky with the gerlcats if you strut yer stuff in this mancave!

Not sold on the pink color? It comes in a cupple dozen diffrent colors, including cheetah and leopard prints. Can you say “Va Va Va Voomski”?

Where to buy the pink canopy Mancat Mancave

Click here for info on how to order this lds online dating.


*Sorry, Tripper. This bed can only accomodate cats who way 25 lbs or less.

6 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave Monday: The Pink Feather Dream

  1. Ok I am all about “gender neutral” but if I even THOUGHT of giving this to my “manly” mancat Cody he would swat my face mercilessly with his paws and you know what? I wouldn’t blame him ONE BIT!

    Now..if I had a “girly” cat that is another story altogether…don’t get me wrong, this is gorgeous and adorable but NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for MY Mancat!

    I can say anything cause you never answer me anyway…heheheh

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