Mancat Mancave Monday: the Skeezix Edition

Mancat Mancave Monday - purrfect hangout for mancats

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Fred wuz feeling a little under da wether today, so he asked me to step in and make a Mancat Mancave Monday recumundation.

Now, purrsunnully, I wood have added sum dimonds to the deezine to bling it up, cuz it is a littul understated. But I think this will do a grate job of luring gerlcats even without the dimunds.

It has a wild zeebra covering, with pink froo frooey dekerayshuns and  a comfy pillow inside. I wood be thrilled if this was the luv nest for me and my speshul frend Daisy.

Fred may have to qwit his job as the Mancat Mancave Speshulist, cuz I think I have fownd the best mancat mancave in the werld!

What do you mancats think???? Can I pik ’em or whut????

You can buy this purrty mancave here.

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