Mancat Mancave: Multicolored Ways to Get High


If yer like me, you like getting high. And the higher the better. So I think you’ll reely like this week’s Mancat Mancave offering.

These cubes attach to yer walls and they purrvide lots of ways to klime and survay yer domane. You can pik a cubbyhole that’s enclosed or open and an opening that’s a circle or a sqware. Lots of choices. You can put cushuns inside fer cumfert.

Yer peeps will like the fakt that these come in sevrul color choices. You can git primerry colors or just plane blak or wite. If yer a blak cat, the blak cubes will help you stay in stelth mode win you wunt to pownce on yer sister.  

As you can planely see in these pikchers, cats reely dig theeze klimey cubes. But thare’s one problim. You can’t buy ’em yet, but you can git on a list to be notifide win thare reddy to buy frum 

4 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: Multicolored Ways to Get High

  1. Deze look grate! How do yoo get frum one to da udder wifout gettin swatted on da way up?

  2. Sumtimes we wish that we had a huge howse and lots of munny so we cood put all the caves all pover the place. These wuns are grate!

  3. Oh, would we ever love to have those cubes so we could pounce on Jan. But she says if she put those on the walls, the house would likely fall down. (No offense to the cubes, our house is just that ancient.)

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