Mancat Mancave: The Penultimate

mancat mancave mountain - the best cat house EVER

This may be the werst day of my life. I finally discovered the PURRfect, Penultimate mancat mancave, only to discover that it costs in the mid-4-figures wich is about, well, in about the mid-4-figures more than I make writing for mousebreath. (Hard to beleeve, eh?)

mancat mancave

Anyway, this place makes feline fine art mountains, and you will wunt to skreem “Yabba Dabba DOOOOOO!” win you klime on top. They are the greatest. Lots and lots of hidey holes for playin’ and lovin’, and lots of room for all yer toys.

mancat mancave

They have the following feechers:

TerrierRock- reinforced paper mache stone
Durable four layer construction
Stone-textured non-toxic, water-based finish in preferred natural tones
Summit resting area
High altitude sleeping cavern and lookout
Skylight ventilation
Furrowed brow maintains low light conditions and privacy
Cavern feeding area
Windfall access log and gangway/scratching post wrapped with natural Manilla rope
Walk in toy cave

Phew! As you can see theeze mancat mancaves offer tons of room for entertaining da ladies and fur watching sports on yer big screen teevee. You can’t go rong with one of theeze.

best mancat mancave ever

Where to buy this Mancat Mancave

Scotties Feline Art Mountains (hahahaha “Art” rimes with “Fart”!)

3 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: The Penultimate

  1. If the maker of those really cool ManCatCaves want to send one to me to “test out” on the males of The Crew, I am sure they would find it in their kitty hearts to be their guinea pigs.. 😉

  2. Those are spiffy but not spiffy enough to spend that much! I’d bite a person who spent that much on one. Think of how many crunchy treats that would buy! And dood, you know any kitty who got one would head straight for the box it came in…

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